Blooming vs Oriente Petrolero 2009

In August 2009 Bolivian sides Oriente Petrolero and Blooming met for the Santa Cruz derby. The game became notorious for an incident that started off with one of the most blatant professional fouls you will ever see from Oriente Petrolero's Uruguayan defender Leonardo Medina on Sergio Jáuregui. The referee was about to send off Medina when Jáuregui ran over to Medina and pushed him over, leaving the referee no choice but to send them both off.

As the players were leaving the field Jáuregui sprinted at Medina performing a flying kung-fu kick into his opponents neck, leaving Medina hospitalised for 12 days and earning himself a 9 month ban from football and some criminal charges. The game ended 2-2.

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