Partidazo: Liga de Quito 7-0 Emelec, Ecuadorian championship final 1998

In 1998 the team to watch in Ecuador were Liga Deportivo Universitario de Quito, (LDU Quito). They had played exhilirating attacking football, their young striker Iván Kaviedes hit an astonishing 43 goals that season and legendary Ecuadorian striker Eduardo Hurtado returned at the back end of the season on loan from LA Galaxy.

LDU faced Emelec in the 2nd leg of the 1998 Ecuadorian championship final on December 27 and had a 1-0 defecit to overcome. The star of game was an unlikely one, defender Ulises de La Cruz hit the first and only hat-trick of his career in an incredible 7-0 win. The other goals were scored by Eduardo Hurtado (2) Pavel Caicedo and club legend Néicer Reasco.

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    One correction though, Iván Kaviedes played for Emelec in 1998 not LDU Quito.