Marcelo Trobbiani vs Guillermo Rivarola, manager dispute

On Sunday 20 March 2011 Argentine managers Guillermo Rivarola and Marcelo Trobbiani lined their teams up against eachother in the Peruvian Primera División. Former River Plate player Rivarola was in charge of Sporiting Cristal and former Boca Juniors man Trobbiani led Cienciano.

The incident kicked off late in the second half when Trobbiani entered the field of play to grab the ball after a free kick had been awarded. Rivarola complained to the referee and succeeded in getting his opposite number sent off. At first Trobbiani seemed to be going peacefully but he then attempted to return to have it out with Rivarola. He was prevented from doing so by the police. Trobbiani later said that Rivarola is a cry baby and things could have been a whole lot worse had the police not restrained him as he was in a Mike Tysonesque rage.

Sporting Cristal held onto their 1-0 lead and as a result Cienciano lost their place at the top of the league. Trobbiani faces a one match suspension.

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