Golazo: Martín Palermo vs Deportivo Táchira - Gol 200

Martín Palermo has plenty of critics in Argentina, they usually complain that he has limited talent and technical abilities and can only score headers.

In some ways he is similar to Alan Shearer, they have both scored hundreds of goals, many of them exceptionally well taken, have been the league top scorer on several occasions and they are brilliant headers of the ball. Yet they have both suffered constant criticism for their style of play.

The difference being of course, that Palermo has won 13 major titles with the club he loves (Boca Juniors), while Shearer won absolutely nothing with Newcastle.

On 13 April 2009 in a Copa Libertadores game against Deportivo Táchira of Venezuela Palermo really silenced his critics by scoring his 200th goal for Boca Juniors with a magnificently taken "Chilena". He soon went on to break Boca Juniors all time goalscoring record surpassing Roberto Cherro's tally of 221 goals on 4 September 2010 with his 222nd goal for the club in a 2-1 win against San Lorenzo.

Part of the Golazo series.

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