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I was motivated to create this site by the dismal level of coverage that South American football receives in the mainstream English media. It really annoys me that so much press coverage is given to every trivial detail of the overpaid "superstars" in the Premier League, while the football rich continent of South America is virtually ignored.

It seems that the majority of English journalists are only capable of producing drivel like endless rehashes of the Lampard vs Gerrard debate, Arsenal "lovely football but no end product" or the Rooney/Ashley Cole - "What a tosser article".

I started this site in September 2010 and made the decision that I would not useit to try and generate revenue, so as you can see I have not blathered it in annoying adverts, because that would distract attention away from the important subject of football.

There are a few other good sources for South American football coverage in the English speaking media and I have begun to list them here.

You may have noticed that the hyperlinks here are multicoloured, this is to assist navigation. Video, blog or opinion piece, reliable source and link to another article on this site.

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