Neymar's Panenka penalty fail

On 29 July 2010 Santos' 18 year old wonderkid Neymar won and took a penalty in a Copa Brasil game against Vitória. Neymar had the balls to try a Panenka penalty chipping the ball straight towards the goalkeeper's position expecting him to dive either way as Sebastián Abreu had famously done only a few weeks earlier to win the World Cup quarter final against Ghana and originally inspired by Antonin Panenka who famously used the technique in the European Cup final against Germany back in 1976.

Unfortunately for Neymar he ended up looking a bit of a tit as the Vitória goalkeeper Lee saw it coming and stood exactly where he was to calmly make one of the easierst saves of his career.

Here is the original and the best from the few men in World football to have a specific move named in his honour.

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  1. Je soutiens Neymar pour marquer beaucoup de beaux buts afin que je puisse continuer à le copier et à l'imiter.